Moonwake Investment is a privately owned company,

Investing in private equity and venture capital projects in Azerbaijan and worldwide

Who are we

We are specialized in
3 investment directions

Our values

Our values help us to work towards
the same common goal and
share a bigger purpose

  • Impact

    Given the high variety of activities we do as well as large number of opportunities that come our way, impact is the value that helps us stay focused and concentrate our efforts only on activities that are aimed to create impact. Every day we step into the office with the idea to create value, whether with monetary or non-monetary impact.

  • Trust

    This is an essential value that quantifies and defines our interdependence in all our relationships as a company, as we believe it is a critical value for our proper functioning and sustainability.Here at MW we religiously cultivate feedback culture, where we push each other to our limits and try to grow and develop together - trust is the value that lies in the heart of giving and receiving feedbacks.

  • Integrity

    Acting with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do lies at the heart of our business. The quality of having strong ethical or moral principles and following them at all times is what we are looking for in both our employees and stakeholders.  

  • Speak Up

    Here at MW employees are not just welcome to share their opinions and ideas but are expected/obliged to do that, regardless of their tenure at the Company or overall experience. In an environment with such high talent density, opinions and ideas of each colleague are crucial for prosperity of the company and we put our best efforts to provide necessary conditions for that. 

  • Continuous learning

    Fast-growing companies like ours depend on versatile people who say yes to leaving their comfort zone and discover their blind spots to be in the best possible position to improve. We firmly believe that continuous learning of our employees is critical for attracting and retaining top talents, hence we do our best to provide every opportunity for our employees to learn and grow professionally by providing both on-job and in-class trainings.

  • Excellence

    Excellence is in our DNA. We strive to achieve the highest quality and adhere to top standards in everything we do. We practice it on a daily basis and strongly believe that this is the core factor helping us to stand out from the crowd and cross the bridge from being a good organization to great.

  • Proactiveness and Entrepreneurship

    As a company it is important for us to act and think ahead of anticipated events, to take the initiative, prepare, and respond to expected events. At MW we do not wait for opportunities to come and find us, instead, we create opportunities ourselves by constantly looking for ways to improve, develop and create value for our stakeholders, whether it is shareholders, customers, employees, or others. 

Partnering with us

Skin in the game, relevant experience and common values

This is what it takes to be partners with MW. We work together with the management of our portfolio companies to establish well defined goals for growing the companies into market-leading businesses

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What we do

At MW we do not just invest funds, but also our time, experience and knowledge

  • Management Consulting

    We add value to our investees through continuous interaction with their management.

  • Corporate governance

    Setting up proper corporate governance is one of the main priorities in our relationship with the portfolio companies.

  • On job training

    Close interaction with our investees from various business sectors contributes to the professional development of our team.

  • Human capital

    We strongly believe that people are the cornerstone of our success. Investing in human capital throughout all our companies is one of our top priorities.


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