Who we are

Moonwake Investment is a privately owned company, investing in private equity and venture capital projects as well as in global equity and debt markets both in Azerbaijan and worldwide.

The company has invested in more than 20 projects in Azerbaijan across the wide range of sectors and has notable expertise in such areas as agriculture, IT, education, logistics, hospitality, real estate and entertainment.

As investor our goal is to identify and pick the most attractive business opportunities owned and operated by enthusiastic and trustworthy partner investors, ensure that they reach their full potential in a sustainable manner, thus not only generating profit for shareholders but also creating value for the society we live in. We do so by attracting investment projects wisely and responsibly, employing top-quality professionals and pursuing the highest standards of excellence in everything we do.

Currently we have
three main directions of investment:

Private Equity

We add value by working hand in hand with our portfolio companies, providing capital for expansion, as well as advising companies on their strategy.

We typically acquire minority, in rare cases control, in small or medium sized businesses. We actively participate in growing of the business, development of optimal business strategy, as well as putting in place financial management and controls, reporting and management incentives. Moreover, MW constantly seeks for synergy opportunities among the companies in its portfolio as well as involving its professional network both within and outside of the country with the aim of creating long-term impact for the assets under its umbrella.

Venture Capital

We invest in high tech startups during their early, late and pre-IPO stages. To-date we have made several investments in US and Asian startups. We are also actively looking for Azerbaijan based startups by backing local venture studios and accelerators. 

Public Markets

We employ a disciplined investment approach that focuses on fundamental analyses, identification of investment cycles and secular winners and losers. We work hard to react to the game changing events before they affect the market.